Feeling Zen on a Saturday afternoon

My wife totally thinks I’m weird, but I love a station on Sirius XM Radio called the “Spa channel.”

It’s called that because if you have ever had a massage it’s the music they play…simple synthesizers playing major chords over lots of reverb, with the plunking of pianos or sitars in major keys, maybe angelic voices rolling over the top.

Pete Townshend wrote a song called “Pure and Easy,” which talks about “one note” that connects us all.

I kind of understand that when I hear the spa channel. Because despite the chaos of the world, the wars and financial meltdowns and general human narcissism and apathy…the simple music on the Spa Channel kind of reminds you that simplicity is really all you need.

The world is moving so fast these days. Everyone needs to move on to the next stimulation. There’s anxiety about the economy, about security, about being successful.

There’s something reassuring about a hammer dulcimer hitting the pleasant intervals of “Amazing Grace…”


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